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TV & Film, Books, Music 


Steady Mobbin - TV Series

Steady Mobbin is a show which highlights a diverse group of dancers performing various flash mob styles in major cities, empowering the audience to bring out their inner dancer. The surprise element of the flash mob serves as a reminder that art, in this case dance, is all around us in everyday life. Written & Produced by Aaron Mostow.

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Going Places - Documentary

In this age of technology, music is being pushed to new boundaries and rapidly changing unlike ever before. Going Places takes viewers on a journey to experience music from the minds of the artists who are at the fore front of this evolution. The film examines the current state of contemporary dance and electronic music, the culture and discusses the undiscovered territories of where it's headed. Directed, Co Produced and Edited by Aaron Mostow.

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Trimmers - Animated TV Series

Trimmers is an animated sitcom based around the lives of a crew of cannabis trimmers. They are a diverse group of people who process cannabis by cutting all the excess leaves off the plant to prepare it for distribution. Viewed as a rather mundane job since it appears that all is calm on the surface, however constant drama excites behind the scenes. With continuously changing laws, regulations, politics, celebrity cameos and current events, Trimmers is packed with antics and a whole lot of comedy. Written & Produced by Aaron Mostow.

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Love Hertz - Book

Love Hertz is a romantic comedy, with a sci-fi twist, set in the world of electronic dance music. Now available on Amazon, Kindle and Audible as an audiobook experience. Beats, laughs & love!

Co Written by Aaron Mostow.

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B!TCH I'M SO LA - Animated Music Video

Artist, Henry Strange's animated music video    

B!tch I'm So LA, pays homage to the LA lifestyle and the stereotypes that come with it.

Produced by Aaron Mostow.

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Revolution - Song
Behind the Scenes Video

EPIKKER, comprised of Suniel Fox & Henry Strange  team up with vocalist, Noah Lowman on the riveting dance masterpiece, Revolution.

Co Produced by Aaron Mostow.

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HuH - Music
Self Titled Album

Musical trio HuH, comprised of Aaron Mostow, Noah Lowman and Devin Dilmore release their self titled album. Co Written and Co Produced by Aaron Mostow.

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Metamorphs - Music
"Stepping Stones" Album

Metamorphs, comprised of The Seer, Mobius, Sum-in-One and DJ Leviathan release their full length LP Stepping Stones. Co Written and Co Produced by Aaron Mostow.

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Aaron Mostow - Music
"Decades" Album

Aaron Mostow's instrumental album Decades showcases tracks from different time periods in American music history. Listen on Spotify

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